The Flaremap® Platform
Flaremaps are operational interfaces—not mere visualization—they provide a platform for threat detection, navigation, problem-solving, analytics integration, and remediation through user collaboration and communication.
A powerful interface...
An advanced hierarchical interface, displaying data with a wide-ranging set of controls, filters, related information, and complementary functionality
Major performance attributes are presented—prioritizing assets, procedures, payments, resources, etc., and revealing and isolating anomalies
featuring synchronized workflow extensions...
Interactive extensions that facilitate day-to-day workflow
Delivering a synchronized, context-relevant and integrated interface
Custom-developed for speed, flexibility, and compatibility
fully mobile-optimized...
Layout and functionality automatically adjust to fit each device
No additional development time necessary
Touch gestures (pinch-to-zoom, swipe, etc.) fully supported
superfast and responsive...
Whether analyzing 2,000 items or 2,000,000 items, Flaremaps are always ultrafast and responsive
The Flaremap Priority Rendering Engine assures an optimized user experience
Even the most aggressive Flaremaps render and update in seconds
and embedded in real-world processes...
Designed for the real-world needs of real-world users
Users engage with Flaremap interfaces to actually do their jobs, not just gain casual insights
Supports the entire process including steps to remediate and resolve
Flaremap JS: A platform for powerful industry frameworks.
Flaremap Frameworks help organizations identify and asses threats, monitor performance, and actively manage risk
Built on the Flaremap JS platform, and designed for specific industry needs
Healthcare, financial services, core infrastructure, defense, national security...

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