Visual Action Announces the Visual Action Platform 7.2 – Built for Real-World Work, Not Metaverse Mania

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., Feb. 21, 2023 /PR Newswire/ – Visual Action Software, developer of the industry-leading Flaremap® technology, today announces the release of the Visual Action Platform 7.2, delivering against the real-world needs of operational users.

Since its introduction, the Visual Action Platform – with its modular, user-friendly design environment – has received acclaim from across the Visual Action customer base. The newest release builds on the early success of the Platform by delivering even greater process relevance to the organizations who rely on it. Nathan Messina, a Business Intelligence Lead who works with organizations as they deploy the Platform, commented, “Our customers appreciate that our technology is not built for some artificial avatar in a manufactured metaverse. Rather, our technology is used to identify and solve the problems and challenges that exist in the real world.”

Included in the new release are new and enhanced Workflow Extensions designed for tightly integrated deployments. For instance, new geo-tracking capabilities allow detailed asset and material tracking across multiple points in a supply chain. Similarly, new communication capabilities now allow users to participate in web conferences from within the Platform – collaborating to identify, research, and decide on corrective paths and actions.

Jim Bartoo, CEO of Visual Action, explained, “We really strive to accommodate very specific use cases: For instance, an energy producer might want a quantitative, real-time assessment of the impact of an approaching hurricane on their floating oil rigs – needing to understand the economic and personnel impact across rigs that fall within a hurricane probability cone. The new release makes it easier than ever to do that type of analysis – elegantly marrying a relatable geographic interface, an analytic Flaremap interface, and a visual impact zone.”

Everyday users get more and more power with the Visual Action Platform 7.2. Previously requiring a technical skillset, advanced mouseover interfaces can now be easily designed by everyday users – allowing creative, high-utility layouts. Further, live actions can be introduced into the mouseover in support of dynamic process requirements: “reallocate remaining budget,” “check ballast on this unit,” “track shipment progress,” “update vendor scorecard,” or any other actions specific to a particular process.

Also, the new Platform delivers significant new latitude for introducing supplemental data sets into the analysis. Users often wish to bring in new data sets as they evolve their applications. The new Platform allows them to do just that – on the fly – whether the new data set happens to be something locally available or served from an enterprise data source.

Finally, for organizations that are deeply embedding Flaremap technology into other applications, the Flaremap Development Kit is an integral component of the overall Platform. If desired, users can develop Flaremaps directly in the Development Kit, export Flaremaps from the portal environment to the Development Kit, or import selected parameters from the Development Kit into the portal environment. All these options make embedding applications easier than ever.

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About Visual Action

Visual Action was founded to radically advance the utility and relevance of data visualization. The Company's patented Flaremap® technology is the foundation of the Visual Action Platform, and helps organizations identify and assess threats, monitor performance, and actively reduce risk. Flaremap applications are integrated with enterprise processes and designed for operational use. Visual Action serves many industries–with specific focuses on defense & national intelligence, healthcare, financial services, and core infrastructure companies. Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Orchard Park, New York. For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and