Visual Action Announces the Visual Action Platform 7.0 — A Fully Reimagined Experience in Operational Visualization

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Visual Action Software, developer of the industry-leading Flaremap® technology, today announces the release of the Visual Action Platform 7.0, giving operational users an end-to-end production environment for creating and tailoring experiences that best suit their roles and needs.

Traditional data visualization offerings require specialists to configure applications and experts to use them – greatly marginalizing operational users, risking conflict, and limiting relevance. In stark contrast, Visual Action builds on its long-standing commitment to operational and process relevance with the release of the Visual Action Platform 7.0. The new release succeeds Flaremap JS 6.9, and enables any type of user to work within a modular environment to tune the interface and logic to meet their own unique needs.

“We’re not interested in industry platitudes. ‘Gaining insights’ and ‘identifying anomalies’ are empty concepts without operational follow-through. The 7.0 release is motivated by the diverse needs of organizational teammates as they work together in inter-related functions and processes. While they may all share common goals, they also have individual objectives unique to each user or role. Our new in-app configurability is unparalleled in the industry and is the centerpiece of the 7.0 release,” commented Nathaniel Kren, Chief Platform Engineer at Visual Action.

The Visual Action Platform 7.0 introduces in-app access to a suite of user-configurable Workflow Extensions – delivering unique functionality that’s appropriate to each user’s responsibilities and processes. For example, communication and collaboration may be important for some roles, while specific research or remedies may serve the needs of other users.

“Rarely does a colonel need the same view as a corporal,” commented Mike Williamson, a Flaremap champion who led the deployment of Flaremap technology at the United States Marine Corps. “The Visual Action Platform is optimized for use across all organizational levels: strategic, operational, and tactical,” continued Williamson.

In today’s breakthrough release, end users will also find a variety of new ways to directly connect their apps to their data. In all, the Visual Action Platform 7.0 allows end users to connect to their data, control design, manage layout, choose specific extensions, and customize each element. The new release has many new implications for administrative users as well, including in-app delivery of updates and new extensions.

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About Visual Action

Visual Action was founded to radically advance the utility and relevance of data visualization. The Company’s patented Flaremap® technology is the foundation of the Visual Action Platform, and helps organizations identify and assess threats, monitor performance, and actively reduce risk. Flaremap applications are integrated with enterprise processes and designed for operational use. Visual Action serves many industries – with specific focuses on defense & national intelligence, healthcare, financial services, and core infrastructure companies. Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Orchard Park, New York. For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and