Visual Action Announces Flaremap JS 6.9 with New Innovations for Live Process Integration

Dallas, TX (June 18, 2019) – Visual Action Software, developer of the industry-leading Flaremap® Application Suite, today announces the release of Flaremap JS 6.9, setting a new benchmark for process-embedded visual applications.

Traditional data visualization offerings continue to celebrate mediocrity–still satisfied to create one-size-fits-all charts, graphs, and so-called analytics–leaving unimpressed users saying, “so what?”

Once again, Visual Action stands out from the crowd, and focuses on relevance: delivering relevance to the users, delivering relevance to the workflow, and delivering relevance to the collaborative requirements of real-world work. Today’s release of the Flaremap Application Suite delivers new functionality in support of live business processes.

Flaremap JS 6.9 introduces new methods for bringing live and real-time updating to Flaremap applications. Flaremap JS 6.9 gives users multiple options for “continuous push to” or “interval pull from” live data streams. Using techniques of incremental discrimination in the logic layer, Flaremap JS 6.9 allows developers to build complicated Flaremap applications against massive data streams, while still realizing optimal responsiveness for end users. Flaremap JS 6.9 exposes control to end users as well–allowing them to adjust and tune their applications to reflect their data and process needs.

“Initially, our goal with Flaremap JS 6.9 was to strike a balance between process needs and responsiveness for end users. Ultimately, though, I think we delivered functionality that went well beyond a ‘balance,’ and really required no sacrifices,” explained John Finkelstein, Director of Engineering at Visual Action.

“Visual Action’s Flaremaps are truly differentiated technology,” commented Jim McCall, a pioneer and innovator in the use of Flaremap applications in healthcare. “They’re my absolute favorite viz technology in a long list,” continued McCall.

Flaremap JS 6.9 also takes State Management (the ability to capture, apply, and share complicated combinations of control settings and filters) to a new level. Already in revolutionary territory with State Management capabilities, Visual Action stays far ahead of the curve–driving efficiency as Flaremap users collaborate on problems: Beyond sharing view settings, the latest release allows users to share the specific “nugget of truth” with other colleagues.

Finally, the new release advances aggregate analysis for more meaningful portrayals of data groups. This improvement means that performance, risk, and threats can be visually portrayed at group levels just as easily and effectively as at an individual item level.

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About Visual Action

Visual Action was founded to radically advance the utility and relevance of data visualization. The Company’s patented Flaremap® Application Suite helps organizations identify and assess threats, monitor performance, and actively reduce risk. Flaremap applications are integrated with enterprise processes and designed for operational use. Visual Action serves many industries—with specific focuses on defense & national intelligence, healthcare, financial services, and core infrastructure companies. Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and