Visual Action Announces Flaremap JS 6.7 Delivering on the Promise of “Third Generation” Visual Applications

Dallas, TX (April 16, 2018) – Visual Action Software, developer of the industry-leading Flaremap® Application Suite, today announces the release of Flaremap JS 6.7, delivering on the promise of a new generation of visual applications, and accommodating the wide-ranging needs of the users who benefit from them.

Flaremap interfaces are “third generation” visual applications.  Instead of a canned collection of predefined chart types, the Flaremap development environment is a flexible framework for custom user experiences that are specific to the users’ day-to-day work.  In contrast, traditional visualization, business intelligence, and analytics providers spend virtually all their resources focusing on data, and on creating visual representations of that data.  Left unaddressed by these providers are any serious attempts to embed, reflect, or support the underlying processes that use and generate that data.

While others ignore the process context, Visual Action takes the opposite approach:  Flaremap JS is purposefully developed to deliver applications that become indistinguishable (or at least inseparable) from the underlying processes they support.

This philosophy also implies that no user can be left behind:  “Many of our customers have special requests in support of users with special visual needs–specifically, in support of users with various types of color blindness, and in support of users who rely on screen reader technology,” commented John Finkelstein, Director of Engineering at Visual Action.  He continued, “To that end, automatic ‘color blind safe’ options are now offered within Flaremap JS 6.7 as well as manual overrides to accommodate Flaremap usage by individuals with rarer forms of color vision deficiencies.”

Also included in Flaremap JS 6.7 is new functionality that is useful and relevant for all users, including new search options that support advanced conditional searching, new support for phrase matching, and new indicator functionality that offers non-filtered highlighting.

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About Visual Action

Visual Action builds and deploys visual applications designed to identify and assess threats, detect fraudulent activities, and reduce enterprise risk. The patented Flaremap® Application Suite is the company’s flagship offering, and is used to build high-utility, data-dense, visual applications. Visual Action serves many industries--with specific focuses on defense & national intelligence, healthcare, financial services, and core infrastructure companies. Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and