Visual Action Announces Flaremap JS 6.6 for Process-centric Visual Applications

Dallas, TX (June 12, 2017) – Visual Action Software, provider of the industry-leading Flaremap® Application Suite, today announces the release of Flaremap JS 6.6, bringing process execution and visualization technology closer together than ever before.

The latest release of Flaremap JS exposes and extends the core Flaremap technology to emphasize problem-solving, navigation, collaboration, communication, transactional capabilities, and analytics. Flaremap JS supports ever-expanding libraries of workflow and dashboard extensions–designed to support synchronized data analysis; and delivering many methods for acting on that data. “Our Flaremap technology, is, at its core, designed to reflect the reality of a ‘multi-process context,’ and to deliver an operational environment that goes well beyond mere insight and analysis. A successful application means that users can actually do their jobs from our interfaces, not just gain casual insights,” commented Jim Bartoo, CEO of Visual Action.

Beyond its functional advances, Flaremap JS 6.6 also delivers up to a 5X improvement in rendering speed. This giant leap results in new areas for applying the technology. “The new release of Flaremap JS means new opportunities to apply the technology to new topics,” offered Kelvin Wong, Technical Product Manager, RM Services at HSBC Wealth Management.

Organizations are demanding more from their investments in visualization technology. They expect visual applications to support their processes and to embed into their workflow. Unfortunately, most visualization providers continue to miss the mark on the potential for visualization-based applications–ignoring the true needs of customers, and still relying on visual gimmicks. Visual Action continues to reject traditional boundaries with Flaremap JS 6.6–responding directly to the many organizations experiencing the “brick walls” and “road blocks” left behind by conventional visualization providers.

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About Visual Action

Visual Action builds and deploys visual applications designed to identify and assess threats, detect fraudulent activities, and reduce enterprise risk. The patented Flaremap® Application Suite is the company’s flagship offering, and is used to build high-utility, data-dense, visual applications. Visual Action serves many industries--with specific focuses on defense & national intelligence, healthcare, financial services, and core infrastructure companies. Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and