Visual Action Announces Flaremap JS 6.2

Real-time Visual Interfaces for Real-time Process Challenges

Dallas, TX (June 2, 2016) – Visual Action Software, provider of the industry-leading Flaremap™ Application Suite, today announced the release of Flaremap JS 6.2, featuring the latest set of advances in operational visualization.

The new release creates a self-service, collaborative, visual platform–letting users perform their analysis, confer with colleagues and partners, reach consensus, and make immediate course corrections–all directly from the Flaremap JS workspace.

Always dedicated to operational use, Visual Action gives users the insight they need, and makes it available as they're doing their jobs. Traditional business intelligence and data visualization offerings all too often miss the mark–delivering dashboards of gimmicky gadgets and celebrating “data as art.” In contrast, every aspect of the Flaremap Application Suite is developed and formulated with true operational value in mind: real-time visual interfaces addressing real-world process challenges.

“Our customers engage us to help solve very specific operational challenges,” commented Jim Bartoo, CEO of Visual Action. “Many of our competitors think dazzling visuals and colorful charts are the goal. We don't. We prove our value by concentrating on business problems–applying our technology to transform those challenges into long term relationships with our customers.”

Flaremap JS 6.2 introduces new cell-sizing algorithms, non-linear color scaling options, new pre-filtering options, manual group definitions, new group info boxes, native support for tagged data structures, and new filter handling. Importantly, State Management (the ability to capture, apply, and share complicated combinations of control settings and filters) is greatly expanded in Flaremap JS 6.2–with the new Live URL capability bringing new flexibility and customization options to State Management behavior.

Ashish Kushwaha is SVP, Head of Corporate Development at Pioneer Marine Inc. He applies visualization in the shipping industry for fleet and expense management, and originally discovered Visual Action while at Nordbank: “Visual Action continues to set the bar on purposeful visualization technology–offering functionality that others simply don't approach. They elevate visualization technology into a substantive work platform, delivering specialized applications for each of the industries they serve,” commented Kushwaha.

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About Visual Action

Visual Action Software helps organizations derive value from their data ecosystems. Visual Action develops a visualization-based platform for creating high-utility, data-dense workspaces designed for operational use. The patented Flaremap™ Application Suite is the company's flagship offering. Flaremap applications are deployed for performance management, anomaly detection, asset management, risk & compliance monitoring, and more. Visual Action serves many industries--with specific focuses on defense & intelligence, energy, financial services, and healthcare. Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and