Visual Action Releases Flaremap Studio 6.1 and Flaremap Rich 6.1

Richardson, Texas (July 9, 2015) – Visual Action Software, provider of the industry-leading Flaremap™ Application Suite, today announced the combined releases of Flaremap Studio 6.1 and Flaremap Rich 6.1.  Building on the company’s growing partnerships with the major Hadoop distributions and Big Data contributors and vendors, these latest releases to the Flaremap Application Suite now introduce new options for building visual applications on top of Hadoop.

According to John Finkelstein, Director of Engineering at Visual Action, “These latest releases illustrate our dedication to helping our customers achieve the full potential of their data ecosystems.  We’ve extended our data access framework to permit access to Hadoop clusters through technologies like Apache Hive and Apache Drill.”

In addition to Big Data integration, Flaremap Studio 6.1 features important self-service privileges that move even more control to end users.  The “My Profile” and “My Data Objects” interfaces now allow end users to perform many tasks that could previously only be accomplished by engaging an Administrator.

Similarly, Flaremap Rich 6.1 introduces new levels of sophistication to Flaremap controls and filters.  The level of communication now supported among and between controls and filters allows unmatched complexity and functional potential in designing Flaremap applications.

Zac Gorrell is Director of Engineering at Valepro, a technology services and systems engineering company.  “Visual Action sits apart from the leagues of data visualization providers who simply build clever graphs and charts. Visual Action actually enables their customers to build interfaces that not only leverage visualization, but are truly operational in their intent, design, and use.  They never lose focus on their dedication to interactive, operational use,” commented Gorrell.

About Visual Action

Visual Action Software helps organizations derive value from their Big Data investments.  Visual Action develops visualization-based products and platforms for data discovery and analytics.  The patented Flaremap™ Application Suite is the company’s flagship offering.  Flaremap applications are deployed for performance management, anomaly detection, asset management, risk & compliance monitoring, and more.  Visual Action serves many industries–with specific focuses on defense & intelligence, energy, and financial services.

Visual Action is privately held with headquarters in Richardson, Texas.  For more information, contact 972-808-0400,, and


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